The emotional roller coaster of carb cycling

The competition is eight weeks and change away, so last week Ellie started me on my first-ever carb cycle.

How do I describe a carb cycle?

Think of all things that are fantastic – a carb cycle is the opposite of those things. It’s very controlled, boring and physically demanding. It’s also an emotional roller coaster.

To help you understand my mental state, I have assembled an animated .gif story.

Day 1: Low-Carb Day

I eat seven times. I am still hungry.

I have a ton of energy, though, since I am on a carb high from the previous day. CARDIO!!!

Day 2: Medium-Carb Day

The funny thing about carbs? They give you energy. Day 1 sucks me dry and I am ON EDGE. This is me at work.

And then it’s like this after work.

Day 3: High-Carb Day

I mean… I feel kinda better than Day 2? I have more energy, I guess. I am able to make it through the day without a breakdown, but feel … meh.

Repeat. For. 10. Weeks.