Ellie Workout Outfit Review No. 5

It took two weeks and a few concerned tweets, but I finally got my first outfit from Ellie.com (formerly PVBody.com).

The way I understand it, anyone who had a PBBody.com subscription is grandfathered in at their monthly purchase price. Once a month, you go to Ellie.com and pick out two pieces from their monthly line. If you do not subscribe, you can still purchase à la carte  but it isn’t as cheap.

The Ellie Ordering Process

I selected the Just Like Heaven shirt and the Electric Love Capri.

ellie workout clothes

Considering the single item prices, $40 is a good deal.

Well, my order was 75% correct when it arrived.

Ellie Workout Clothes

The shirt I got had sleeves. ?

So I’m like… am I a dumdumface and ordered the long-sleeve shirt? Turns out Ellie messed up and gave me the wrong shirt. When I contacted them, they said it would be another 7-10 days to get the correct shirt after they received my return. Not worth it. Plus, this shirt was worth keeping.

Hopefully they work out the kinks in March!

Ordering Process Review: 5/10

  • Instructions on ordering during the brand switch were very unclear
  • The order took over two weeks to arrive
  • The shirt was wrong when it arrived
  • No quick exchange process (a la ModCloth)

Ellie Outfit Quality

Overall, my two pieces are of superior quality. The seaming and construction is well done and the stitching is secure. There are a few design elements that set these pieces apart above my other workout clothes:

  • The textiles – The shirt is soft and lightweight. When I worked up a sweat, the panels at the shoulders allowed for some breathing, too. The pants are stretchy without being see-through, but thick enough to hold my shit in place.
  • The fit – The shirt is long (almost a tunic, but not quite), so it could cover any bum bum sweat. The pants are a good length on me (5’5″) and they fit true to size. I ordered a medium in both and I’m a size 6.
  • The design elements  – Thumbholes. Wide waste band.
Ellie Catch Me If You Can Shirt Thumbholes

Thumbholes (!) with fold-over cuffs. I can fold these over my fingers when it’s chilly outside.

Electric Love Capri Waistband

Wide waistbands help mah pants stay up when I’m doing cardio and make my hips look thinner.

There was one construction issue.

Ellie Electric Love Capri

Fabric snag! I snipped it off. I’m hopeful it doesn’t unravel.

Outfit Quality Review: 8/10

  • No phone/ID pocket in the pants. That means I will rarely wear these two pieces together unless I’m lounging around at home.
  • Fabric snag :(

The Ellie Verdit

  • Will I order again? Yes.
  • Am I excited to see next month’s line? Yes.
  • How much longer will I put up with slooooooow shipping, order mistakes and poor customer service response times? Not too much longer.