The tiny, sparkly bikini

Welp, my competition bikini has arrived.

I had a really hard time spending the $100+ that the typical suit costs. This is my first show, and I want to get a feel for the scene before I commit to a really expensive suit.

I don’t even remember what Google query combination my friend Sarah and I came up with, but somehow we found Yeah, that’s a real website. And I thought it was weird getting a package from… the mailman has to think I’m working in a saucy trade.

This little number being modeled by a busted Paris Hilton lookalike is my suit. And I got a DEAL because this suit is like $5 more on Yeah, that’s also a real website. Bikini

This photo is pre-bedazzling. The bottoms are small, so you can’t see them yet.

My solution to save $$$ is to glue crystals onto this bad boy mahself. I picked up 600 Swarovski crystal elements at Jo-Anne Fabric (coupons on the free iPhone app!) and spent a Sunday afternoon gluing away at my buddy Geoff’s apartment.

Bikini Crystals

I bought 400 clear and 200 pink crystals. I mean woah.

I finished the top and, I must say, it looks very … sparkly.

Total cost? $75 including the suit, crystals and glue. Pow.