Gymage: PVBody Review No. 4

PVBody Review No. 4

January shipment

Why can’t every PVBody/Ellie package be like my January delivery?

All of the recent DRAMA aside, I’m not ready to give up on this company. For those of you who aren’t hip to the changes, PVBody has decided to design and sell their own line instead of providing subscribers with outfits from other brands.

Do I feel duped? Only on that their communication strategy behind the switch was really fucking terrible. Like 11-on-a-scale-of-1-10 terrible.

Do I understand the business decisions behind the change? Yes. So, as long as their customer service improves, I’m all for giving the Ellie line a chance.

That said, I (finally) received my package on January 31. I got a pair of plain black Ellie capris (a preview of the new line?) and a great Alo top.

The top is a little loose, so I have to wear a sports bra under it to support le knockers. But it doesn’t ride up and is comfortable.

The pants are plain, but are a well-constructed pair of capris. They are low cut, so you have to watch the muffin top if they run small.

I was really happy with this order. If the pants had a pocket for my phone/keys/ID it would be a home run outfit. But since no pocket….

Score: 9/10